At JSK Financial Services, we actually believe that the less you pay, the more you have – not the more you pay, the more you have.

Every dollar that you pay an investment company or in taxes must be earned back in investment returns. We believe in a cost effective, tax efficient approach. Our open architecture approach, knowledge of taxes and practice of putting our clients’ best interests first means we can implement a plan that is cost effective and tax efficient.

We have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of you, our client and we are committed to providing the best solution at the lowest cost.  Transparency is our hallmark and we are open and upfront about our fees.  


JSK provides financial planning services for an hourly rate. Before we begin any work we will provide you with a cost estimate based on the complexity of your situation. We determine this based on the information we gather during our initial meeting and the services you would like us to provide. There is no charge for this initial meeting where we gather information and gain an understanding of your situation.

Investment Advisory Services Fee

JSK is a fee based asset manager and charges a fee based on the assets we manage. This fee starts at 1% and goes down based on our clients’ investable assets. We receive no compensation from our investments, which allows us to keep our clients’ interests first.

Tax Preparation and Planning Fee

JSK provides tax preparation and planning for an hourly rate.  Before we begin work we will provide you with a cost estimate based on the complexity of your return.  There is no charge to sit with us and review your information and we will never send you a bill for a phone call or question.

We will be happy to provide our fee schedule upon request.